ASU Announces STC for Bell 205A-1 for Aerial Firefighting

ASU announced today that they received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Bell 205A-1 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The new STC was completed for the San Diego Sherriff’s Department. This aircraft will be used for aerial firefighting, search and rescue, airborne law enforcement and hoist equipment.

“This is the seventh aircraft modification we have done for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department,” said ASU Founder and CEO Mike Atwood. “They have been our customer since 2003 and this latest STC allows the aircraft to be used for diverse missions. The ability to fight fire in this region has become increasingly important with the fire season that has gripped North America and this STC will enable them to fight fire at night utilizing Night Vision Goggles.”

To date, the company has completed four MD500’s, one Bell Helicopter 205 and one Bell Helicopter 407 for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and excited about getting to work on another of their Bell Helicopter 205’s. This is the third new STC for ASU this year, giving the company 19 STC’s that cover 53 model configurations.

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