ASU Completes AS350B2 Modification For Era Training Center

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) has completed night vision cockpit modifications for an AS350B2 for Era Training Center, LLC., in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Chris Reber, ASU Assistant Director of Maintenance, was onsite to complete the modification at the Era Training Center. Reber has been with ASU since 2007 and has personally conducted over 100 NVIS lighting installations throughout the world.

“Era Training Center needed their aircraft modified within a short period of time and wanted it done before HELI EXPO,” said Reber. “Through a collective effort, we streamlined our process and completed the modification in a little more than a month. Our customers know that when they need expertise and efficiency in order to get their aircraft NVIS modified, ASU has the organization, the people and the systems in place to assure deadlines are met.”

ASU has also modified three AW139s, three EC135s a BK117b and an AS350 for ERA Helicopters, LLC, and two BK117As, 19 AVS-9s and conducted pilot training for EraMed, LLC.

“ASU has a proven history of completing NVIS modifications on aircraft all over the world,” said Era Senior Vice President Paul White. “We chose ASU because of their experience, dedication and quality.”

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