Aerial firefighting helicopter

The Talon Helicopters AS365 Dauphin equipped with Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. night vision lighting is ready to battle fires at all hours—the first of its kind approved in Canada.

In February, a team of ASU Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) installers with custom drawings, tools, and lighting parts in-hand ascended on the AS365 in the hangar of Maxcraft Avionics Ltd. completion center in Pitt Meadows, British Colombia, to perform the lighting modification.

“We applied a new methodology with this aircraft moving away from supplemental light and using more integrated NVIS components.” said ASU’s Director of Quality Assurance James Haney, “This gives the cockpit more of an OEM look with full NVG compatibility and exceptional daylight readability.”

After the installation on the Dauphin was complete, the FAA approved the Supplemental Type Certificate in February, followed by the approval by Transport Canada in March. Talon Helicopters performed nighttime firefighting trials with the aircraft in July.

“ASU was the best vendor for the job, and we were thrilled to have them on board,” said Talon’s Director of Maintenance Lorne Lambert. “James and his team didn’t just get the job done; they went above and beyond to do it well.”

In addition to its firefighting capabilities, the Dauphin is used for search and rescue, air ambulance, and occasionally for VIP transport at night—another first in Canada.

Talon Helicopters’ fleet includes four other Airbus Helicopters for services, including film, utility, and tours. The AS365 is the only one in the fleet equipped for NVG firefighting. They also purchased seven pairs of high-performance white phosphor NVGs from ASU.

ASU holds 41 STCs to perform custom night vision lighting modifications and continually adding new ones.  Their STCs include the AT402, AT602, AT802, and PZL-Mielec M-18 Dromader.

To learn more, visit ASU at NAAA booth 911.

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