ASU Obtains NVIS STC on Sikorsky S-92A

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) obtained a supplemental type certificate (STC) on the Sikorsky S-92A. The S-92A is widely used in offshore operations around the world and is known for its ability to transport large crews and heavy cargo to drilling platforms. ASU obtained the STC for a Bristow aircraft operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The S-92A not only plays a critical role transporting personnel to and from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, but it also is an essential emergency search and rescue aircraft capable of providing the needed support in a variety of critical and often times dangerous situations,” said ASU Vice President of Engineering Kip McDermott. “Flying aircraft at night in the Gulf of Mexico in near dark conditions to evacuate people in an emergency is not a luxury. It is a necessity. With the approval of the S-92A NVIS STC, Bristow has added another essential level of safety to night operations.”

With the help of ASU NVIS senior evaluation technician Justin Hill and FAA DER test pilot Rick Simmons, the testing for the STC was completed allowing Bristow to begin NVG operations using the S-92A. ASU now has 90+ make/model STC’s on approximately 1200 aircraft.

“This STC will pay off if even one life is saved because of Gulf Coast operators being able to fly with NVGs,” said ASU President Jim Winkel. “No matter what the aircraft is or where the aircraft flies, we believe NVGs enhance safety and help people get home safe. That is why we continue to champion the message of NVG use in search and rescue, law enforcement, helicopter air ambulance, and special missions around the world.”

ASU has worked on STCs not only in the United States and Canada, but has also aided operations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia. ASU plans to discuss the use of NVGs at HELITECH International in the fall and will be showcasing their products October 3-5 at booth B30 along with HeliAir. HeliAir will have an NVIS modified H135 Helicopter on display.

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