ASU Rebrands Compact Night Vision System as Ecliptus, Announces Kickstarter Campaign

(BOISE, IDAHO– January 19. 2016) In order to appeal to a larger audience and customer base, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc., (ASU) is rebranding its previously announced N16HT Pro system as Ecliptus. The Ecliptus is a wireless, recording and image sharing night vision system. ASU, also announced that the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new product at Kickstarter.

“The Ecliptus is the first product designed and developed by ASU that can be used in a variety of places by a number of different people,” said ASU President Jim Winkel. “The Ecliptus fully integrates and compactly couples a GoPro® camera with an intensified night vision equipped device without the necessity for large, optical relay lenses that are commonly used today. This opens the device up to any outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, extreme sports athletes and other consumers.”

The Ecliptus offers a 40-degree field of view, weighs less than one pound, is integrated with the GoPro® Hero 4 and captures images at 12 megapixels with a burst mode at 30 frames per second. It captures night vision images utilizing a military grade AN/PVS-14 objective lens, records in ultra-high definition (4X HD), and stores these images using a 16 GB SD card. Images and video can also be viewed in real time using WiFi enabled smart devices. The camera modes can be controlled using the GoPro® button controls and optionally from other remote devices.

The MSRP of the new Ecliptus is $5,499, but is being offered at a substantial discount to those early adopters on Kickstarter.

“Ecliptus leverages all of the capability of Hero 4, combines it with battle-proven Generation III image intensifier night vision technology, and empowers people, businesses and governments to image, record and share their nighttime experiences in a cool, compact and affordable way,” said Winkel. “This is going to be a hot item for all the people that love the latest gadgets, cameras and wireless innovations.”

For additional information about the Ecliptus visit or to support the Kickstarter campaign please Click Here.

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