ASU Surpasses 100 AS350 Conformed Modifications

ASU announced today that they have surpassed their 100th AS350 cockpit modification. The 100th modification was completed for Advanced Helicopter Services, customer the California Highway Patrol.

“AS350’s can be found all over the world and are a very versatile aircraft,” said Mike Atwood founder and CEO of ASU. “Numerous law enforcement and fire fighting agencies in North America operate the AS350. By modifying the aircraft for night vision capabilities, we are giving those agencies the ability to operate the aircraft at night and increasing their ability to serve and protect their communities.”

ASU modified two AS350s for Advanced Helicopter Services. Advanced Helicopters is a full-service helicopter facility located in Northern California. “We are very happy with the overall work of ASU,” said mechanic Nate Wise of Advanced Helicopter Services. ASU is quick, professional and we did not have any issues with our modifications.”

“ASU is very proactive,” said Advanced Helicopter President and CEO Sparrow Tang. “We are pleased with their ability to make changes in a timely manner and support our customers whenever changes are made to an aircraft that require new drawings or specifications.”

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