ASU Surpasses 100 EC135 Conformed Modifications

ASU announced today that they have surpassed their 100th EC135 cockpit modification. The 100th modification was completed for Metro Aviation.

“We performed our first modification on the EC 135 in 2003,” said Mike Atwood founder and CEO of ASU. “It’s remarkable that in such a short time we have equipped over 100 EC135 aircraft with NVG’s that are servicing the medical and law enforcement industry.”

The EC 135 first made its U.S. debut at Heli Expo in 1995. Since 1995, the EC 135 has been a leading aircraft chosen by EMS operators. Metro Aviation operates 72 total aircraft and 22 of them are EC135s. ASU worked on equipping not only the EC 135 but also the entire fleet for Metro Aviation.

“We began working with ASU five years ago,” said Managing Director of Metro Aviation Milton Getz. “We have a great working relationship. They were very responsive to what we wanted. With all our various models of aircraft, it was quite a challenge to get everything in place. We have aircraft that are a year old and some that are 25 years old. Once we decided to go NVG, we were able to go through it all in about two and a half years. ASU was very resourceful in meeting all of our needs. Our entire fleet is now 100% NVG compliant and equipped by ASU.

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