Eclipse seekers can take flight to prime viewing spots, avoid traffic

With record-breaking travelers and more than 700,000 Treasure Valley residents vying for a glimpse of the August 21 Solar Eclipse, traffic authorities are reporting unprecedented traffic congestion and delays. Boise-based Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), is offering eclipse seekers a chance to skip the traffic and take a short flight to the nations’s best viewing spots.

One of the best places in the United States to view the epicenter of the solar eclipse is Midvale, Idaho. ASU, is authorized to carry passengers and cargo by the Federal Aviation Administration and is offering non-scheduled, private charter flights from Boise, Idaho to the Midvale Airport for eclipse viewing.

ASU’s team of highly-trained pilots operate two aircraft, a Bell 206 helicopter and a Cessna 206 airplane.

The helicopter, scheduled to make three round trips, around 45 minutes each way, to the prime viewing destination can carry up to three adults and one child under 13 years old with a total weight of 600 pounds. The airplane, scheduled to make four round trips, around 30 minutes each way, can carry up to three adults and two children under 13 years old with a maximum total weight of 600 pounds. The cost for a group is $3,960.00 for round trip flight aboard the helicopter from Boise, Idaho. By plane the cost is $875.00 per group depending on the group size and capacity of the plane. Travelers should contact ASU for confirmation of trip details.

“ASU’s highly trained team of pilots have flown missions all over the world,” said Director of Operations and Chief Pilot Justin Watlington. “Taking people to see such a unique event will be a fun way to provide a service to the citizens of Idaho and to showcase our charter service capabilities.”

Travelers to the Midvale Airport will be greeted upon arrival by Dan Hutchison, one of ASU’s seasoned instructor pilots and fellow eclipse viewer, provided a sun shade, seating, water, and eclipse viewing glasses. Passengers to other airports will receive viewing glasses but may need coordinate viewing location. “The American Eclipse is a fascinating celestial event that is rare and exciting to see,” said Hutchinson. “We are looking forward to helping people experience this incredible eclipse from one of the peak locations in the United States.”

To check pricing and schedule your eclipse charter flight from Boise, Idaho, call 1 (208) 426-8117.

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