ASU Pilots

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration has awarded ASU Contract 6973GH-22-D-00076 – Night Vision Goggle Pilot Training.

“Winning this contract is a testament to the ASU team and our commitment to night vision training,” said ASU President Dr. Joseph Estrera. “Not only will we be training FAA employees on night vision helicopter operations, but ASU also holds the night vision training contract for fixed wing training.”

ASU will provide the FAA initial and recurrent ground school, and flight training to commercial helicopter rated FAA inspectors/pilots in the use of night vision goggles. This contract will commence late January 2023 providing these services with the additional of four option years upon completion of the initial base year.

FAA Air Flight Test Engineers (FTE) are also included in this contract. They will attend ground school and observe flight training in the aircraft, incorporating compatible instrument panels for night vision goggle operations. This experience will increase the FTE’s ability to enhance compatibility of instrument panels and night vision goggle use during night vision goggle operations.

The unique terrain of Boise allows inspectors to be trained in remote areas with low-light conditions with added challenges of changes in elevation, mountainous and desert conditions.

“Boise is an ideal place to conduct training,” said ASU Director of Operations Tony Tsantles. “ASU has trained numerous pilots, crew members and FAA inspectors since the company began in 1995. Our goal is to make everyone safer by exposing them to the low-light conditions that enable them to learn to use NVGs more effectively.”

ASU has trained more than 3000 pilots, and 4,700 crew members. ASU is the only company to have been awarded approval to train both helicopter pilots and inspectors on the use of NVGs in both fixed wing and helicopter operations.

FAA selects ASU for training contract


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