Irish Air Corps Continues Training with Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Irish Air Corps (IAC), based at Casement Aerodome, Baldonnel Co. Dublin, Ireland, recently continued additional NVIS training with Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU).

For more than a decade, ASU has supported the IAC night vision training program. In February, ASU was awarded a two-year training contract for IAC aircrew night vision equipment training. In October and November, ASU NVG Instructor Pilot K Kirkendall conducted Annual NVG Ratings for Examiners, Instructors, Aircraft Commanders, and Aircrew. This included ground training and flight training in their Agusta Westland AW139 and Airbus EC135. They completed upgrade training for several IAC instructors to become NVGIs (Night Vision Goggle Instructors) and NVGEs (Night Vision Goggle Examiners), enabling IAC to conduct training and perform examinations internally.

“The relationship with ASU since before 2008 is really valued here in the Air Corps and has done much to enhance the safety and effectiveness of our operations,” said Chief of Air Staff and Deputy Commander Air Corps Colonel Dave Corcoran. “All ASU representatives, with K being the latest, have made a tremendous contribution to the safety and success of our operations. This, in turn, has provided the Irish taxpayer with state-of-the-art capabilities that have allowed us to deliver true 24-hour operations with our assets. It is really appreciated. It had been the case a few years ago that NVG was seen as the exceptional and unusual thing for our helicopter pilots – nowadays, the crews don’t like to go flying without them!”

ASU started discussions with IAC in the late 1990s. The first training contract was awarded in 2008, and in 2010 ASU completed initial training for 75 pilots and crewmembers and six Night Vision Goggle Flight Instructors.  The Irish Air Corps and ASU also completed training pilots and crewmembers in advanced Night Vision Goggle Flight Training, including fast rope, rescue hoist, formation flight, and aerial gunnery.

“The IAC pilots and crewmembers are skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of aviation performance and safety,” said ASU Director of Aviation Services Chris Schoonover.   “ASU shares their philosophy 100% and strives to achieve the same high standards.  We like to believe the dedicated professionals of the IAC have grown to trust that ASU will never compromise on innovation, excellence, and safety.  ASU looks forward to continuing to provide world-class NVG training with the IAC long into the future.”

The IAC, in addition to providing direct support to their ground-based Defence Forces and Naval Service, they also provides air ambulance services, disaster relief, law enforcement pilots for An Garda Siochana (National Police Service of the Republic of Ireland), and firefighting, among other duties.  The IAC values the broad range of experience ASU Instructors bring to the table, including military, air ambulance, law enforcement, firefighting, SAR, etc.

ASU continues to support aviation safety with Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!  For additional information, call +1 (208) 426-8117 or email ASU at Join ASU at European Rotors stand E110 for more information about training, white phosphor NVGs, and custom aircraft modifications. ASU is your trusted partner and one-stop shop for safe and sustainable NVIS system integration.

Photos courtesy of the Irish Air Corps.  To download a PDF copy click here.

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