L-3 AN/AVS-9 Infinity System Performance Testimonial

On February 9th, I used a new ITT F4949 ANVIS-9 Pinnacle Goggle in our inventory to compare with the L-3 Infinity Goggles. The Moon was a Waxing Crescent, overhead with 38% illumination. The route was chosen and flown 1.5hrs. after sunset and included as many environments of high and low ambient light condition as possible and comprised flying south of the Boise Airport then into the mountains near Lucky Peak and Arrow Rock Reservoir, returning to Boise over Aldape Summit via downtown Boise.

In each of the listed condition and environment the L-3’s performed with a higher degree of clarity and resolution. Trying to remain as objective as possible by looking through each system at the same environment the L-3 Infinity provided a clearer more distinct picture of that environment. The best analogy would be that of someone not realizing they needed glasses finally scheduling an appointment with the optometrist.

Overall, I am very impressed with the performance of the L-3 Infinity and with some consideration being given to the Storage and Battery Case, I would have no issue with fully standing behind the L-3 product

Justin Watlington

Chief Pilot
Aviation Specialties

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