Night Vision Award Winners Honored at ALEA 2014

(PHOENIX, Ariz. — July 24, 2014) The Night Vision Awards were presented at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association’s (ALEA) Annual Trade Show and Convention in Phoenix, Ariz. at the Phoenix Convention Center July 17 honoring six units.

“The Night Vision Awards are something we look forward to every year,” said Co-Sponsor Aviation Specialties Unlimited Marketing Director, Alisha Allen. “The law enforcement community has been very receptive of the awards and endorsing of the NVG technology. It was great to award and recognize units who use them in life-saving situations,” said Allen.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office received the 5-Year Service Award.

“The use of night vision goggles has been critically important to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit. They have increased flight safety for our helicopter crews, and increased our effectiveness during search and rescue missions, directly leading to numerous successful rescues and lives saved,” said Sergeant Dave Ellis with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida received the 10-Year Service Award.

“The men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Aero Bureau are honored to be a recipient of the ALEA 2014 Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Award. For more than 10 years, Aero Bureau pilots and Tactical Flight Deputies (TFD’s) have used NVG’s to enhance safety for night time missions in a variety of environments, from urban to mountain and desert. NVG’s are an invaluable tool for safety and for fighting crime. Aero Bureau pilots and TFD’s are extremely dedicated and commit themselves to maintaining our NVG training standards, and to provide the best service to the community we serve. We thank the Night Vision Awards Committee for this special recognition,” said Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Aero Bureau Captain A. Ramirez.

“We are privileged to receive the 10-Year Service Award. Night vision goggles are one of the best safety devices we utilize in our aircraft. This invaluable tool has enhanced the safety of our daily airborne operations,” says Capt. Kenneth Voiret, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

“Rotorcraft Pro is proud to support the airborne law enforcement professionals who are using NVGs to improve safety and protect the public,” said Editor-in-Chief of Rotorcraft Pro Magazine Lyn Burks.

In addition to the 5 Year and 10-Year Service Awards, The Community Awareness Award was also presented to the Tucson Police Air Support Unit and featured a story of two female hikers who were injured and found using a lighter.

“The Tucson Police Department Air Support Unit is very elated that the Night Vision Awards Committee has recognized their efforts in the use of night vision technology. The pilots, tactical flight officers and mechanics have worked diligently to perfect the use of these invaluable tools, and are happy to share lessons learned with our law enforcement partners. Flight safety is at the forefront of every mission that we perform, and we understand that it is greatly enhanced when this technology is utilized,” said Lieutenant Dan Lewis of the Tucson Police Department Air Support Unit, “We in the Air Support Unit are extremely grateful for the relationship that has been forged between the Tucson Police Department and Aviation Specialties Unlimited. We are proud to be your partner, and look forward to even greater accomplishments as we move forward.”

“This year’s Night Vision Awards demonstrated once again the exceptional service that’s being provided by law enforcement agencies across the U.S.,” said Vertical Associate Publisher Derek Kast. “Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those in the airborne law enforcement community who continue to dedicate their lives to ensure the safety of those below,” said Kast.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to support the Night Vision Awards and revere the units and their accomplishments in night vision goggle aerial services,” stated Adam Aldous, President of Night Flight Concepts, Inc.

The next Night Vision Awards will be held at NightCon in Dallas August 20-21. The Mark of Excellence Award will be given out in addition to the NightCon Lifetime Achievement Award, that is given to an individual who helped pioneer the use of Night Vision Goggles.

Nominations are accepted year round. Any flight operation using any Night Vision system is eligible for consideration. Award nomination packets can be downloaded or filled out at A full list of previous winners and award description can be found on the website also.

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