WEBINAR | Get the most out of your PVS-14 with an easy upgrade

Upgrade your existing PVS-14

You can upgrade your analog PVS-14 to the digital version with
single-hand operation for less than 10% of the replacement cost

The easy DIY upgrade can be performed by your own technician and is
available for $325 or we can do the upgrade for you at a cost of $400.

This simple, cost-effective procedure for your existing PVS-14 will also
reduce the weight and extend battery life.

Register today for our FREE webinar on December 5th to learn how to
digitally upgrade your PVS-14 for less than 10% of the replacement cost or
call us for more details: 208-426-8771.

FREE Webinar December 5
or call +1 208.426.8117

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