Whirly-Girls International Offers 2016 Scholarships

Whirly-Girls International, a non-profit, educational, and charitable organization dedicated to advancing women in the helicopter aviation industry, is proud to announce that 17 scholarships will be available to deserving aviators for 2016.

The Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund, Inc. (“WGSF”) was incorporated in 1974 to oversee and administer the scholarship funds raised by the Whirly-Girls and their Auxiliaries, and is a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. Initiated in 1968, the scholarship program has grown from a single $500 scholarship to a wide range of training and development scholarships valued in excess of $100,000.

For 2016, Whirly-Girls will be offering 17 scholarships and applications are available on the Whirly-Girls website, A helicopter add-on rating is also available for female pilots rated in other aircraft. Deadline for application submission will be October 1st.

The scholarships that will be offered for 2016 include: – Advanced Mountain Flight Training Scholarship in Memory of Keiko Minakata, Sponsored by Nancy Livingston (Whirly-Girl #4) and Western Helicopters – Agricultural Air Services Flight Training Scholarship, Sponsored by Agricultural Air Services – Airbus Flight Training Scholarship, Sponsored by Airbus Helicopters – Two Air Evac Lifeteam Bell 206 Transition Flight Training Scholarships, Sponsored by Air Evac Lifeteam – Aviation Specialties Unlimited Night Vision Goggles Training Scholarship, Sponsored by Aviation Specialties Unlimited – FlightSafety International Bell 206 Pilot Scholarships, Sponsored by FlightSafety International – NEW THIS YEAR: Guidance Aviation Helicopter Instrument Rating Scholarship, Sponsored by Guidance Aviation – NEW THIS YEAR: One Crew Resource Management (CRM) Instructor Course and One CRM Course, Sponsored by Oregon Aero’s Randy Mains, Chief CRM/AMRM Safety Instructor – NEW THIS YEAR: Robert and Dayle Walden Memorial Scholarship, Sponsored by the WGSF – Robinson Helicopter R22/R44 Safety Course Scholarship, Sponsored by Robinson Helicopter – Robinson Helicopter Maintenance Scholarship, Sponsored by Robinson Helicopter – Two Aircraft Ditching Course Scholarship, Sponsored by Survival Systems USA – Whirly-Girls Memorial Helicopter Flight Training Scholarship, Sponsored by the WGSF – FOR FEMALE PILOTS RATED IN AIRCRAFT OTHER THAN HELICOPTERS: Whirly-Girls Helicopter Add-On Flight Training Scholarship, Sponsored by the WGSF.

For more information on Whirly-Girls International and Whirly-Girls scholarships, please visit or contact Colleen Chen at

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