Test & Maintenance Equipment

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers everything you need to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs.  We offer an array of Hoffman test equipment NVG test kits, focus systems, purge kits, and toolsets, as well as other specialty items, such as N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator. In addition to NVG lab equipment, ASU offers NVG Testing and Maintenance repair courses to train your technicians to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs which will minimize downtime and extend the life of your NVG equipment.

ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System

Hoffman Engineering ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System


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    ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System




    The ANV-20/20 is a compact, portable system designed to provide the NVG user with an accurate means of performing infinity focus and mechanical alignment with the NVG mounted on the users helmet. 

    The system presents a resolution pattern at correct infinity focus to both NVG channels simultaneously. This allows proper adjustment of all NVG parameters to be done accurately and quickly. The user can check inter-pupillary distance, adjustment of the goggle mount for tilt and eye relief and allow each eyepiece and objective lens assembly to be adjusted properly for infinity focus prior to night flight operations. 

    The resolution pattern is directly correlated to the Snellen Eye Chart, providing a visual acuity range of 20/20 to 20/70. 

    The ANV-20/20 also incorporates an eight step gray scale for evaluating the dynamic range of an NVD. Each step doubles in density as you progress from 1 (clear) to 8 (opaque). This scale covers a range of 2 1/2 decades and checks the ability of the NVD to perform under a variety of light levels.

    Product Specifications

    • Power Requirements: Four D size Alkaline Batteries
    • Light Source: LED , Continuously Monitored
    • Focal Setting: Infinity (Standard)
    • Reticle Resolution: 0.49 to 1.72 Line Pairs per milliradian
    • Reticle Luminance: Approx. 1/4 Moon-Normal, Starlight-Low